Friday, November 22, 2013

Memorization Sample:

First, imagine a cruise ship with two decks:
                On the lower deck, Dr. Destiny grabs a gorilla, which knocks over another gorilla who slides on floor wax, hopes over a ferret baring its teeth, then peaks through the floor of the deck above. There Mr. B Natural prances by, followed closely by his clone. An anaconda gives a ‘wtf’ look to the camera, then looks up to see three color-swapped clones of Dr. Destiny parade by, one of whom slips on a banana peel causing the Crypt Keeper to laugh briefly until Mr. B returns, eliciting another alarmed take to the camera from the anaconda. Mr. B the slides the length of the hall, crashing down the stairs to the lower deck, which interrupts Dr. Destiny’s attempt to apprehend the gorillas a second time, sending the second gorilla sliding on a banana peel, leap frogging the same bitey ferret, and once again popping into the upper deck. By this time, Mr. B and his clone have started waltzing, the Anaconda throws up, and the Drs. Destiny start to parade past, but the anaconda and its twin slam the door after only one escapes. Brother Anaconda stretches himself out a bit, only to be bitten by the bitey ferret popping its head up from from the lower deck, which quickly ducks back down and high-fives its brother right before Edna Mode smacks them both. Dr. Destiny then ice-skates passed, then zooms straight up the steps and skips three times along the upper deck. One of the gorillas punches upward through the floor from the lower deck, then the Crypt Keeper joins in the two Mr. Bs in dancing before the Anaconda holds up a ‘please kill me’ sign to the camera, then Dr. Destiny comes skipping by again, three times, and the gorilla tries to punch up through the floor again, then the Crpty Keeper parades past, followed by the two Mr. Bs and the Anaconda face-palms with its tale. Then Edna Mode does three cartwheels down the hall, Dr. Destiny chasing after her, followed by the Crypt Keeper and Mr. B. The Crypt Keeper slips on the waxed floor, sliding the length of the hallway until the anaconda whacks him with its tale, but Mr. B springs by, scooping the Crypt Keeper up in the process and followed by Dr. Destiny, who slips on a banana peel, falls into a hole to the lower deck, bounces off of one gorilla and is knocked aside by the other. The Anaconda mugs in surprise right before Mr. B comes skatting the length of the hall only to be slow-motion clothes-lined by Edna, who does a quick hop and a kick to Dr. Destiny’s back, who is knocked into the Crypt Keeper, who falls onto Mr. B, then bounces off and slides the length of the hall before the Anaconda again hits him with its tail and Mr. B scoops him up and sends Dr. Destiny onto a wet patch, which sends him down the stairs onto the gorilla, whose friend punches him to the ground. The anaconda faints and the gorilla does a chest pounding dominance display.

What the heck was that, you might ask?

That is Hark, the Herald Angels Sing for violin.

Vivat Christus Rex!

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