Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 22

1.       So, if you’re coming here from our hostess site at Conversion Diary (where you can read about psychopathic centipedes and the people who love them) you might notice that you’ve been directed to a different blog than all my previous Quick Takes. That’s because this week I came to the decision that I really shouldn’t be trying to maintain four or five blogs at once when I get to them about once a week, so I’m consolidating all my blogging efforts (movies, religion, my life, and sarcastic comments on current events) into this one blog. So, if you’ve never been here before, welcome to The Catholic Nerd!

2.       By the way, if for whatever reason you care to browse my archived Quick Takes or Reviews (my sarcastic political commentary has all been deleted, because it wasn’t very good and I’m much better now), you can go here and here.

3.       I registered with the Catholic Writers’ Guild this week, thinking it’d be a good networking opportunity and chance to swap tips and tales with other Catholic wannabe writers. But, after making my password and paying my dues, I find that I “don’t have permission” to visit any of the forums or, well, do anything really. What? Then what did I just pay you guys for?
To anyone whose dealt with the site before; is this normal? And is it worth trying to deal with the problem?

4.       Speaking of Catholic Websites that Extort Money by Preying Upon Your Deepest Hopes and Desires (apparently, a surprisingly large category), my Online Dating Experience has been picking up some. I’ve had fun posting jokes in the forums, and I’ve actually communicated with some lovely ladies. Nothing’s ‘clicked’ yet, though, but at least the experience has begun to yield actual results (and after only about five months of trying!).

5.       I’ve started working on a mnemonic sequence for memorizing music, now that I actually know the names of the different notes (what? The really important part is “first finger on the third string,” not “B Natural”). So far I have the whole First (G) String (G natural = Lowland Gorilla, A natural = Augustus Gloop, etc.) and half of the Second (D) and Third (A) strings. Then it’s just a matter of linking them up in my mind and putting them together in bizarre ways to accompany the music! For instance, if the notes are E – B, I can imagine Edna Mode (from The Incredibles) slapping Mr. B Natural (you…don’t want to know) with a rolled up newspaper in time with the melody.

6.       On the writing front, I’ve been kind of scattered; Lost City of the Dimetrodons is making some progress, but I keep worrying that the leads are boring and that I need to make them more interesting. In my head, the male lead/main protagonist is a quiet, introverted musician and the female lead is basically a pre-Christian-Jewish-shepherd version of Lizzy Bennet, but I keep feeling like they’re not coming across. To deal with this, I starting working on lists of character traits to help me get a better grip on them.  
On the other hand, yesterday I got to write a fight scene between a ceratosaurus and a (juvenile) tyrannosaurus, so that was good.

7.       I’ve noticed an odd paradox this week; I’ve been working on embracing my introversion, and I find that the more I do, the more relaxed and out-going I become. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that the less I feel like I have to leave the house/strike up conversations/be liked, the more willing I am to do it on my own account. That, and I give myself lots of ‘me’ time in the process (I figure; grab it while you can, because if this Catholic Match thing works out, it’s all going bye-bye).

Vivat Christus Rex!

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