Friday, January 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes Vol. 26

Welcome Conversion Diary readers! 

1.     Obviously, everyone’s talking about the big cold-snap that rampaged across the country (and, I believe, is still going strong as it makes its way East: stay warm, Masha!). I was one of the only people who bothered to come to work on Monday (because I live only a few miles away), and both I and the only other such brave soul left before an hour had passed. Likewise, my resolution to start actually attending the monthly KOC meetings was derailed by it being cancelled.
Of course, the best thing that came from the cold weather is enjoying the rather pathetic attempts of certain people to keep pushing Global Warming while half the country froze solid. I especially enjoyed the story of Climate Change researchers in Antarctica who had to be airlifted out because of the unexpected surge in sea ice (they made it out safely, so I can laugh at them).

2.     My main intellectual pursuit recently has been studying my personality type. I’m really bad at personality tests, and I tend to get a different result every time I take one (I over-think the questions, until I become muddled over whether my answer is what I really think or what I’d like to think). But, after examining a few likely types and taking the test a few times, I’m now more or less convinced of my own type. And no, I’m not revealing it online. At least not just yet.
Anyway, with this settled, I’ve been reading as much as I can about the type and especially about career advice regarding it. All I’ve read pretty much confirms my desire to get out of the corporate world as soon as possible.

3.     Meanwhile, I’m taking a break from the online-dating scene, at least for a couple weeks. It’s not like it was particularly successful anyway. I’m going to work on business ideas and reflect on what I’m looking for in a woman before I decide whether I’ll go back to it.

4.     Re-reading St. Francis de Sales’ Introduction to the Devout Life. I like it so much that I think I’m going to be making that a yearly tradition. In a decade or two the lessons ought to sink in. And man, I love that I’m reading something written four hundred years ago which is entirely relevant to my own life.

5.     Also been listening to Jane Eyre. Frankly, I don’t really get the appeal so far. Also been listening to Apologia pro Vita Sua, by Cardinal Newman, and that I do get.

6.     Why do we need a Richard Pryor biopic? I mean, no offense to him or anything, but are there really that few biographies available that we’re turning to seventies-era comedians (and how much of the movie will be dedicated to Superman III)? I also hear of a Hugh Hefner biopic in the works, but I’m pretty sure they already made that under the title Leprechaun (apologies to Warwick Davis for the comparison).  

7.     Actually, what I’d really like to see (and am considering trying to write) is a biopic on Archbishop “Dagger John” Hughes; first Archbishop of New York City and consummate badass. It’s got everything; oppressed minorities rising against all odds, larger-than-life hero, riots, and bawdy Irish humor. What more do you want? As a bonus, he looked a little like Russell Crowe, so that’d further the actor’s scheme to conquer Hollywood and make it his personal fiefdom (a plan I wholeheartedly support, by the way).  

Vivat Christus Rex!

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Masha said...

Ok, so I can't resist guessing:

you're a ISTJ??? I'm not great with meyer's briggs..but I'm almost certain you're an enneagram 1 (with a probable 9 wing)..and with the humors I'm leaning melancholic/ I right??? Feel free to respond in secret if you're keeping it quiet..though, they're nothing to hide..I'm a INFP, a 4 wing 5, and a Melancholic/Sanguine, for what it's worth..I LOVE this stuff! I'd love to hear more (e-mail or blog-wise) about what you've discovered about yourself! I'll talk about mine too, if you want! :)

We're keeping warm - still at the in-laws, but we'll be opening the yurt up again today (it's supposed to hit 30!!!!!) Hopefully your cold snap breaks soon too!

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