Friday, December 6, 2013

7 Quick Takes Vol. 24

As seen on Conversion Diary.

1.       I was going to lead in with grumblings about last week’s Agents of SHIELD episode, but that turned into a full-length post in its own right, so now I’m one take short.

2.       I may have had my promised post on Chuck ready today, but since I left my zip-drive at home this morning I couldn’t finish it in time. It’s coming up, don’t worry, full of Adam Baldwin-y goodness. Likewise, I started working on a post about what Minecraft teaches us about the last things, but it’s not ready because Igot distractedplaying Minecraft.

3.       Okay, it was all Minecraft. There was also some Rome: Total War thrown in there, and in any case I’m using both games as opportunities to listen to audio books, so I’m educating myself at the same time. So there!

4.       I’ve also been watching a lot of Poirot starring David Suchet. This show has made me think of a number of things. One is the tangible, solid nature of correspondence and business before the advent of computers. The feel of real paper, the clacking of real typewriters, and the scribbling of real pens seemed to make day-to-day life more immediate, more present than it is now. It makes me want to try writing on a typewriter for a change.
The other is the unconscious piety Poirot expresses at one point. On holiday in Rhodes he pokes his head into an old chapel, spies an altar covered in icons and crosses himself before moving on. It’s just a simple, casual act that he does without thinking; something I ought to develop as a habit (incidentally, Poirot is explicitly supposed to be Catholic and David Suchet is a convert to Anglicanism).

5.       Introvert problems: coming up with jokes about your own reclusiveness and not having anyone to share them with.

6.     I’m considering taking a break from the Online Dating Scene. For one thing, it’s frustratingly unhelpful so far, and for another I want to focus on other endeavors. So, pretty much unless I start another interesting interaction sometime in the next week or so I’m going to drop it for a while.

7.    It’s late and I’m tired, so here’s a cute picture from Catholic Memes

Vivat Christus Rex!

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