Thursday, August 1, 2013

If You Didn't See This Coming, You've Officially Not Been Paying Attention

            Well, that was quick.
            Only a little while after England officially legalized Same-Sex Marriage (we still love you, your Majesty!), one particular fellow wants some more: he’s suing to have his ‘wedding’ in a church.
            His reasoning? “I want…a big, lavish ceremony, the whole works.” And “I’m still not getting what I want.”
            Yes, because it’s all about what you want, isn’t it? Who cares about pesky things like ‘rights’ or ‘religious beliefs:’ the important thing is that you should be able to have anything at all that you want, and if some people have to lose a basic human right to religious freedom in the process, well, who cares? So long as you have your big, lavish ceremony, just like you always wanted, that’s all that matters. 
            Oh, by the way, would it really be that difficult to find a church of some stripe that would host his little party? Opposition to SSM isn’t exactly widespread in the land of hope and glory, and from what I understand there are numerous churches which have taken it upon themselves to put being diverse and tolerant ahead of their faith. Why not go to one of them? I suspect it would take about a minute’s search on Google to find a church that’s willing to host a same-sex ‘wedding.’ It’d be a lot cheaper than suing a major institution…oh, no? You really just want to shove your beliefs down someone else’s throat via the courts? Oh, very well then: carry on.
            By the way, at what point do we get to stop calling you a member of an oppressed minority?
            So, in summary, this guy wants to force churches to violate their own religious teachings just so that he can get “what he wants.”
             “I’m still not getting what I want” could easily be the motto of the whole Gay Rights Movement: “It’s all about us! All about our being allowed to do whatever we want without your telling us that you think it’s wrong or disgusting or pointing out that’s it’s unhealthy or contrary to your religious beliefs. Our being confirmed and unchallenged, even celebrated, in our perversity is much more important than your silly rights to ‘religion’ or ‘free speech’ or ‘freedom of association.’ So either get behind us our we’ll do everything we can to destroy you!”
            Remind me who the unreasoning bigots are again?  
            Say, Korra! What do you think of suing churches to force them to recognize same-sex ‘marriage’?

Fair ‘nough. 

Vive Christus Rex!

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