Monday, May 6, 2013

Magazine Capacity Limits are a BAD Idea: Exhibit A

The following video illustrates pretty starkly why you might want to have more than seven rounds in your magazine (and why you'll probably need to shoot your attacker several times):

You see, most people get their ideas about guns from the movies, where if you shoot someone he dies immediately. That's not how guns work in real life. Guns poke holes in you; that's it. Yeah, one or two shots will probably cause you to bleed out eventually, but "eventually" doesn't really count when someone is trying to kill you or your family. To make someone stop, especially with a handgun, you're probably going to have to put a lot of bullets into him (hardened or drug-addled criminals have been known to soak up ten or fifteen rounds and still walk to the ambulance). Then, if he has an accomplice or two...well, you get the idea. 

One thing about this video is that the guy really should have barricaded his family in the basement or an interior room or something rather than waiting in the living room (quite apart from what happens here, what if the first guy just started shooting right away?). That, and he ought to have had a spare magazine handy for just such an occasion (or, you know, a shotgun or assault rifle handy in the basement. You know what I said about putting a lot of bullets into the guy? Shotguns let you put eight or nine in with a single blast). Good on him for looking out the window before letting the thief in, though.

Vive Christus Rex!

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