Friday, April 12, 2013

Liebster Award Nomination

Congratulations to my friend Liz over at The Trenchcoat Introspective for her first blogging award!

First off, if you haven't already be sure to pop over and check out her blog; Liz is an extremely smart and quirky person and her writings are always worth a look, particularly her profiles of obscure Angels and Saints.

As part of her Liebster Award, Liz had to nominate other bloggers with 200 or less followers, one of which was your humble scribe! (let's see, I'm at...none. Okay, I qualify). The requirements are that she poses eleven questions which we then answer. The questions and my answers are below:

Why are you Catholic?
-Because it’s true. The only two Christian denominations with even the slightest claim to historical legitimacy are the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches (throw in the Coptic Church as well, since I’m not really up on what they’re status is). I’m Roman Catholic because I think the Pope’s claim to authority is much better than the Patriarch’s.

Who is your favorite author, and why?
-Well, my favorite book was written by J.R.R. Tolkien, but as for my favorite author, that is, the author I return to the most and reliably enjoy the most, I’d say it’s either G.K. Chesterton or C.S. Lewis (lot of initials here).

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
-Invisibility. It’s not the best power out there, but I’ve always been drawn to it. It isn’t overpowered, so you wouldn’t feel the need/be tempted to use it to fix everything. It would require some thought and skill to use properly, but if you could use it properly it would be absolutely devestating. As the evil sorcerer Kora reminded us in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, “What you cannot see, you cannot kill!”

Imagine you could travel to any time period without consequences. Where would you go, and what would you do there?
-Oooh, tough question! I think I’d go to, say, 1904 (or thereabouts). First, I’d have breakfast with Teddy Roosevelt (where, among other things, I would inform him of Cousin Franklin’s future antics and advise a good preemptive beating). Then I’d nip up to Maine to get Gen. Chamberlain’s autograph before hopping on a steamer bound for England, where I’d take tea and discuss religion with the Chestertons before meeting with Winston Churchill to talk about the current political situation and why, if there’s a great war in the future, he should try to avoid the Gallipoli peninsula. Then, if there’s time left over, I’d drop by Archduke Ferdinand’s place to discuss the many, many benefits of cast-iron plates as a fashion accessory and I’d finish up by finding Lenin and kicking him in his proletariats.
            Alternatively, I might just go back to the Mesozoic era to observe dinosaurs in their natural habitat (I’m assuming the ‘without consequences’ includes insurance against being eaten, right?).

What is your idea of a perfect burger?
-Buffalo, lots of bacon, sharp-cheddar and Swiss all on unfried buns and nice and big.

Why do you blog?
-Because bringing up how I believe the Godzilla series to be essentially Catholic in it's worldview in a normal conversation usually doesn’t work out.

What’s your favorite mythological creature, and why?
-Probably a dragon, since they’re so cool with the wings and the fire and scales and whatnot. Depending on the story, a dragon to me is either symbolic of the sinner about to be redeemed, or the evil counterpart to a heroic dinosaur (i.e. King Ghidorah to Godzilla).

What are your thoughts on angels?
-They’re awesome, scary, and I love the fact that they’re real.

What was your very first blog post (on your first blog) about? How do you feel about that post now?
-I don’t remember and the blog itself is now lost, but the earliest one I remember was my picturing what would happen if you combined the endings of King Kong and James and the Giant Peach. That image still makes me laugh: squish!

What is your dream job?
-I suppose being a professional author; sit at home and just write away for hours and hours…sigh.

If you were canonized, what would you want to be the patron saint of?
-The United States, guns, and fantasy writing. Do we have a patron saint of guns? If not, I nominate St. Ignatius of Loyola, who was converted in part by taking a cannonball to the knee.


Anonymous said...

"Kicking him in his proletariats..." Oh man, that gave me a good chuckle!

Anonymous said...

Me, too! That was soooo funny!
These answers were all so very thoughtful and joyful.

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